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FIBIA |Outcomes after three years of work

EBN is proud to present the outcomes of the FIBIA programme. Fostering Inclusive Business Incubation and Acceleration launched in 2017, with the support of J.P. Morgan. By adapting EBN’s existing quality certification process to research the level of diversity among European business support intermediaries, insightful data was gathered on the way business support services are shaped across Europe. This was complemented by peer learning activities where EBN members were matched to inclusive entrepreneurship centres supported by J.P. Morgan in Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden, France and Germany to foster the exchange of best practices when supporting under-represented entrepreneurs (Few examples below).

The impact brochure presents the impact of seventeen of the J.P. Morgan supported organisations, the common challenges faced by minority groups and concrete examples of entrepreneurs that grew and strengthened their business.  

Whereas the video showcases two organisations located in the UK, namely Allia Future Business and The British Library that support female entrepreneurs in London.

Stay tuned for more inclusive entrepreneurship impact outcomes focused on EBN’s EU|BICs!

For further information check out FIBIA or contact Clarelisa Camilleri, EBN Senior Project Manager of FIBIA.

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