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Meet the DynOSSAT-EDU, a pioneer nanosatellite kit created by EU|BIC Madrid Emprende's BHDynamics


Supported by EU|BIC Madrid Emprende - Madrid International Lab, the Spanish SME BHDynamics designed a pioneering nanosatellite development kit - the DynOSSAT-EDU. The device is the first-ever nanosatellite related hardware to obtain an Open Source Hardware certification.

BHDynamics started its journey in 2018 in Madrid. Founded as a B2B consultancy offering 360° services in electronic design and software development, BHDynamics began developing a portfolio of prototypes and products in MVP phase for markets such as Industry 4.0, e-health and NewSpace. The common denominator in all services being an Internet of Things (IoT) component. The company entered in contact with Madrid Emprende through the Madrid International Lab, a project aiming at attracting and retaining international talent in the city.

Madrid Emprede, a fully certified EU|BIC and member of EBN, is the body of the Madrid City Council in charge of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship, advancing the creation, growth and competitiveness of the citiy's SMEs. The Madrid International Lab is its initiative specialized in soft-landing of foreign startups in the city, as well as incubating innovative internationally-driven projects of Spanish startups.

The Madrid International Lab supported BHDynamics by offering them workspace and offering legal, fiscal and mercantile advice. José Luis Tajada, its CEO, highlights the support he received in international economic matters, marketing, and the development of a business model – ‘But above all, a humane and close treatment [by Madrid International Lab] that has been a stimulus for the whole BHDynamics team’.  In March 2019. BHDynamics consolidated its relationship with the city by representing Madrid and winning the Innpulso Emprende Awards. They further represented Madrid in the 2019 China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition (in Shenzhen), where they were finalist, and in the PocketQube Workshop in Glasgow in October 2020.

The recently released DynOSSAT-EDU is a 5 cm wide cube that includes the necessary modules for the operation of a fully functional nanosatellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). It is is the first open-source PocketQube kit compatible with CircuitPython and Arduino, making it customisable and especially well-fitted for academic and investigative use. You can find more information here and here.

Through its Space SIG (Special Interest Group), EBN supports BIC managers in running key actions shaping the space industry while assisting their entrepreneurs at any stage of development to operate effectively in a global space ecosystem. Currently, the SIG joins more than 30 EU incubators (including national ESA BICs) together in a shared platform that collects and disseminates first-hand information on industry developments and with a continual flow of update on EU programmes and projects. It allows members to create the most favourable condition for a sound and scientific, managerial and legal advancement in this sector.


To learn more and join the SIG contact Raffaele Buompane.


Published on 20-11-2020 00:00 by Joao Carvalho. 2519 page views

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