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Opportunity for SMEs to adopt responsible innovation in their businesses

Are you a European startup/SME in biomedicine, nanotechnology or cyber security interested in adopting socially responsive approach in your business, but don’t know how to start?

If so, apply by 21 September 2018 for “Consultancy and Mentoring Scheme” offered by EBN in the framework of COMPASS, and get tailored support for your business on the road to responsible innovation.

The scheme’s aim is to promote socially responsive approach in business and help 12 high-tech companies improve their business innovation strategy accordingly during a 6-month programme.

Why apply?

  • get customised support and learn how to manage your research, development and innovation activities in a responsible and inclusive manner;
  • receive mentoring services to define an Action Plan and take concrete steps towards the implementation of responsible innovation into your business practices;
  • network with business and responsible innovation experts and other participating SMEs
  • access capacity building opportunities;
  • get visibility via COMPASS and COMPASS’ partners communication channels, etc.

How to apply?


What has happened until now

The application process has opened on April 30 and the early applicants had the opportunity to attend COMPASS’ workshop “Instruments to implement a responsible approach”, at EBN Congress this year (7 June), and learn about responsible innovation framework that best applies to their industry sector and geographical context, while networking with trainers, EBN Members, SMEs and investors.

Published on 01-08-2018 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 5918 page views

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