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FuSIon Fest - The Social Innovation Festival

Today and tomorrow FuSIon Fest  - The Social Innovation Festival is taking place in Northern Ireland. Because innovation should be more than economic growth, Building Change Trust (BCT) have called for social innovation to be treated on a par with business Research & Development (R&D). As s result of that FuSIon Fest is being organised by Innovate-NI and hosted by CBT.

Guest Speakers at FuSIon Fest

The festival will take place in two days in Derry/Londonderry and Belfast. At the time this article is being written EBN and EU|BIC Business Development  Friesland (BDF) are hosting a workshop on social innovation from an EU perspective. The session presents a new flagship programme funded by the European Commission, DG Grow, the Social Challenges Innovation Platform aiming at supporting social innovation players from different sectors, different thematic areas and different geographical contexts.

Social Innovation: an EU perspective

EBN partner of the project together with Meta Group and Impact Hub, shows hand in hand with BDF the social innovation challenges active in the platform, like the one presented by Spare Space. is now collecting social solutions for social challenges. If you are interested in being a solution provider check the social challenges already available and apply to get 30000€ grant and mentoring support.

More social innovation opportunities run by EBN: FIBIA and Compass.

Associated member: Business Development Friesland
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