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EBN fosters Euro-Mediterranean business

On 30th September EBN hosted the final conference of the project Euromed@Change in Brussels, co-orgnised with the project coordinator ANIMA Network. The event counted with more than 100 participants and expert panellists to showcase the results and best practices after two years of activities in Europe and in the four targeted Mediterranean countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

Among the panellists, entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts from Europe there were also participants from the MENA region such as the Tunisian Secretary of State and President of FIPA, Nouredine Zekri. During his intervention he welcomed initiatives such as the EuroMed@Change project that foster business and co-investment relations between the two regions, and added that the Tunisian economic development has always considered Europe as a strong opportunity.

The event also had the presence of French MEP Vincent Peillon and Marie Corman from the European Commission Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry. In his capacity of MEP and former Minister for Education in France, Mr Peillon stressed the importance of understanding the south as a possible gateway for better partnerships in this economically challenged time for Europe. At the same time, this may be the way for European leaders to foster political development in the Mediterranean countries that will resonate across the whole Euro-Mediterranean region.

Mrs Corman talked about Euro-Mediterranean industrial cooperation. In her words, projects like the EuroMed@Change are innovative pilots paving the way for a more collaborative approach. They should not only inform Mediterranean countries about enterprise and industrial policies in the European Union, but also facilitate their uptake by those same countries, resulting in “win-win” partnerships.

A day full of fruitful discussions was followed by a Business Forum where circa 20 participants (entrepreneurs and business intermediaries) engaged in a traditional style B2B round. These participants were able to meet with counterparts in Europe and share experiences, ask for advice and build collaborative partnerships that will keep the spirit of the EuroMed@Change pilot.

Pictures of the conference are available on the EBN website and Facebook page.

Soon  the presentations of the Euromed@Change Conference will be made available.

Associated project: Euromed@Change
Published on 30-10-2014 00:00 by Marta Gomez Andres. 3673 page views

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