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University Warwick Science Park helping disadvantaged entrepreneurs

University of Warwick Science Park (UWSP), EBN Member, that supports entrepreneurs with a disadvantaged background in launching and growing their business in Coventry (UK), received the visit of NESsT’s expert Irina Asaftei, to have a better understanding on supporting social entrepreneurship.The visit took place in the framework of FIBIA project’s peer reviews powered by EBN and JP Morgan Foundation.

The UWSP team with the NESsT expert Irina Asaftei (in the middle)

To give a clear picture of UWSP's methodologies in supporting under-represented entrepreneurs, the team introduced two of their entrepreneurs at different growth stages, while the NESsT’s expert shared their experience working with Roma entrepreneurs from rural communities. 

UWSP helped the entrepreneurs launch and grow their business and Irina was impressed by their success in supporting disadvantaged entrepreneurs:

“It was inspiring to hear how UWSP helped a team of two entrepreneurs coming from unemployment to launch and grow their business, currently employing 18 people."

After the full-day visit, the expert got understanding of the UWSP's services in helping under-represented entrepreneurs - even though the UWSP’s mission does not directly target under-represented entrepreneurs, it has a portfolio of supported businesses that include social businesses, businesses led by women, persons with disabilities, refugees, young people, and migrants. As a result of the visit, UWSP received a peer-review report with some of recommendations to continue in line with their hard work in supporting disadvantage entrepreneurs.  

As already mentioned in a previous news, another EBN Member, BIC Euronova had the opportunity to benefit from the peer’s review method of FIBIA in their visit to Impact Hub in Frankfurt.

EBN is very much engaged with social innovation and inclusion, so do EBN Members:

If you are an EU|BIC interested in FIBIA peer- reviews and exchanging best practices in supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs, get in touch with Clarelisa Camilleri, EBN project manager in charge of the FIBIA project.


If you are an entrepreneur/startup/SME interested in solving societal challenges, get in touch with EBN project manager Chiara Davalli and Dario Mazzella, (EBN Member META Group), and apply for Social’s call by April 15 2018!

Published on 28-03-2018 00:00 by Marta Gómez. 1586 page views

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