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EU-INDIA R&I cooperation: how to increase projects' TRL?

The 1st March 2017, INNO INDIGO kicked-off its Webinar Series with the on-line session entitled: “How to increase projects’ TRL”.

The webinar addressed the TRL concept in Europe and India, presenting a general overview about the different Technology Readiness Levels and the steps needed to progress to the next TRL. The experts provided interesting insights from their daily activities at DLR and the CSIR - NCL Innovations and concrete examples on how each stage brings scaling up opportunities to R&I players and their research results.

Moderated by Begoña Benito (GAIA) and Chiara Davalli (EBN), the webinar started with an introduction about the INNO INDIGO project and an overview about the Valorization Programme components (the MOOC, the Webinar Series, and the Valorization Workshop).

Presentation #1, INNO INDIGO webinar 1 _ Introduction_Begona Benito_GAIA

Dr. Frank Holtmann (Head of the Regional Office of Technology Marketing, DLR) presented the “Technology Transfer at DLR: Experiences with TRL and ARL (Application Readiness Level)”.

Presentation #2,  INNO INDIGO webinar 1_Technology Transfer at DLR _Frank Holtmann_DLR

Dr. Premnath Venugopalan (Head of NCL Innovations, at CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory) then run a talk on “Advancing on the TRL scale: issues and insights from the Indian experience”.

Presentation #3, INNO INDIGO webinar 1_ Advancing on the TRL scale _Premnath Venugopalan_CSIR-NCL

The webinar was ended by a Q&A session.

Recording of the webinar is now available. Check it online.

Published on 02-03-2017 00:00 by Chiara Davalli. 2676 page views

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