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Scaling Social Innovation: Experiences and first success stories from TRANSITION and BENISI networks

TRANSITION project partners together with BENISI consortium have recently published a comprehensive report presenting experiences and first success stories of the two European Networks of Incubators for Social Innovation.


Through a comparative approach, the publication analyses objectives, methodologies and activities adopted and carried out by TRANSITION and BENISI understanding differences and complementarities of the two networks of incubatorsfederico sgarbi on esiin and socinn

This brought the two networks to draw some preliminary learnings on the role of incubators in empowering, incubating and scaling social innovation in and across Europe.

Despite operating in different geographic contexts and with social innovations at different maturity levels, the two projects are aligned in proposing a set of initial recommendations to policy makers and other stakeholders of the social innovation ecosystems in Europe.

The report also present 20 case studies which benefitted from the support of the two networks. As far as TRANSITION is concerned, we propose ten social innovations addressing a wide range of social needs and societal challenges:

Semi di Libertà (Seeds of Freedom) – TRANSITION Milano: #socialinclusion #agro-food #unemployment

Sollune – Phosphorescent Shelters - TRANSITION Paris Region: #textile #humanitarian #development #refugees

SpareSpace – TRANSITION London > TRANSITION Basque Country (TSL): #entrepreneurship #unemployment #urbanregeneration

The Inagh Valley Trust, Connemara Food Ventures – TRANSITION Ireland West: #agro-food #wellness #environment #RRI

Associação Sonha, Faz e Acontece – TRANSITION Lisbon: #development #cooperation #education #illiteracy

Mare Culturale Milano – TRANSITION Milano: #culture #socialinclusion #urbanregeneration

 One Touch – TRANSITION Ireland West: #wellbeing #health #wellness #independentliving

Enabling Genius – TRANSITION London: #education #engaging learning

EmakumeEkin – TRANSITION Basque Country > TRANSITION London (TSL):  #entrepreneurship #gender #women #digital #empowerment

RecycLivre – TRANSITION Paris Region > TRANSITION Basque Country (TSL): #sharingeconomy #unemployment #environment #illiteracy

Have a look to this brand new report on Scaling Social Innovation and let us know what do you think! @TRANSITIONeu


Matteo Bartolomeo on SOCINN esiin     Professor JIM WARD on socinn

Associated member: WestBIC
Published on 24-11-2015 00:00 by Chiara Davalli. 4067 page views

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