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AEDIB|NET - call for Digital Innovation Hubs

Pre-Commercial Procurement Invitation for 12 Digital Innovation Hubs In Africa. Each Digital Innovation Hub will have a focus on either:

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture
  • Digital Trade
  • Smart Cities
  • Clean Tech

What support do Digital Innovation Hubs receive?

Under the AEDIB|NET project, the implementation of up to 12 Digital Innovation Hubs will be supported out of which 3 Digital Innovation Hubs will be selected to receive funding of up to 70.000€ each. Those proposals that do not receive funding from the AEDIB|NET project may qualify for alternative funding sources that will be announced during the AEDIB|NET programme. All Digital Innovation Hubs will receive dedicated capacity development measures to equip the DIH operators with the required skills and knowledge. Additionally, there will be extensive opportunities for a DIH to network within Africa and with its European counterparts.


  • Applications are accepted for 4 topics: Climate Smart Agriculture, Digital Trade, Smart Cities and Clean Tech
  • Applications must be handed in as a consortium of at least 2 or more entities


  • The Invitation is open from 19th of November 2021 to 18th of January 2022 (first cut-off date) and 8th of February 2022 (second cut-off-date)

Call to Action

Read the full guide for Applications below

What is AEDIB|NET?

The African European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB|NET) is a project funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 that brings together the collective strength of 13 consortium members to strengthen the African innovation ecosystem. AEDIB|NET will establish Digital Innovation Hubs in the areas of Climate Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Digital Trade and Clean Tech. 

Published on 23-11-2021 00:00 by Joao Carvalho. 1216 page views

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