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Better Incubation in LIAISE | Call for EBN Members, Expert, & Entrepreneurs

As part of the LIAISE project, an EU EaSI funded project equipping BSOs to better serve social and underrepresented entrepreneurs in Europe, EBN and partners are looking for interested individuals to join us in the co-creation of 5 European Communities of Practices (CoPs), under three profiles:
  • Member of the EBN Network
  • Expert
  • Entrepreneur from an under-represented group (URG): migrants/refugees, people with disabilities, women, youth and seniors
LIAISE’s 5 CoPs will research best practices and co-design new approaches in the field of social and inclusive entrepreneurship.

The CoPs will look to collect from the incubators the past most-relevant experiences - learnings, failures, good practices and achievements - in the field of inclusive entrepreneurship, focusing of course on the specific chosen target group.  This will offer a starting point for a more in-depth piece of research. Furthermore, the CoPs will monitor any inclusive entrepreneurship programmes active during the project’s implementation, with particular attention to the resources and new initiatives included in the OECD/EC Better Entrepreneurship Tool. These will serve as a piloting and testing experience to validate the learning inputs coming from the CoP itself. The LIAISE project will explore the policy dimensions and capitalise on the participatory process developed by the CoPs. Participants will build on the evidence collected in previous months and produce policy inputs and suggestions for both the broader European ecosystem and the more specific local contexts. 

Structure of the CoPs in brief
  • 5 thematic CoPs targeting 5 groups: women, migrants/refugees, people with disabilities, youth (age 18-29) and seniors (age 65+)
  • Formed by 7 individuals: 2 representing members of EBN, 2 representing members of IHUB, 1 representing Caritas Europa, and 2 external participants (experts and/or entrepreneurs from URG).
  • Expected commitment: Monthly 1,5 hours long calls from May 2021 until May 2022 (excluding summer break: July and August 2021) + preparation and knowledge sharing in between according to the phase of the CoPs .
  • Additional requirement: attending 2 Bootcamps: First bootcamp virtually at the beginning of the CoPs in April 2021 (1 day), second bootcamp in June 2022 in person (2-3 days). 

Information on the specific Selection Criteria, Remuneration, and Application process to each call can be found in the documents and links provided below.

The deadline for applications is the March 21 EOD CET. Please make sure that you will be available on April 16 for the full day (online), to participate in the Bootcamp. 

Member of the EBN Network
Entrepreneur from an under-represented group (URG)

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to reach out to Chiara Davalli -


The objective of LIAISE - Linking Incubation Actors for Inclusive and Social Entrepreneurship,  is to provoke a paradigm shift in the European incubation ecosystem towards a more inclusive and impact-driven approach to innovative entrepreneurship. The final goal is to kickstart an ecosystemic change aimed at providing social and under-represented entrepreneurs with dedicated business support services, incubation programmes, and virtuous networks enabling them to develop viable and sustainable businesses.  

Powered by the leading business innovation incubation network in Europe (EBN), the main global network of centres for social innovation and entrepreneurship (IHUB) and the principal European network of venture philanthropy organisations (EVPA), LIAISE will involve key European organizations specialized in supporting under-represented and vulnerable groups (URG) as well as international, national, regional and local policymakers to work together for a “better social and inclusive entrepreneurship” support system.

The core of the LIAISE programme stays in the mutual learning approach that will be stimulated through international Communities of Practice (CoP) involving members of three networks, EBN, IHUB and national Caritas, and other experts that will share information and experiences, and will pilot the collaboration among the different partners at international and national level to promote, incubate and finance social and inclusive entrepreneurship.

Member of the EBN Network

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