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Business world mentoring in education : An asset to society

Business Development Friesland (Netherlands) and BIC Liguria - FILSE (Italy) participated in the final conference Supreme Mentoring * that took place in the Netth-ER office on 27 October 2014 in Brussels.

The conference sessions were organised around topics highlighting the added value of mentoring for  youth, education and government, society, in relation to corporate social responsibility.  Philippe Vanrie , EBN's CEO was invited to speak about the added value of mentoring for businesses.

Round table discussions were organised where participants could debate : 

1) Large scale involvement of education and government
2) Mentoring by Health care professionals
3) Mentoring and Student entrepreneurship
4) Personal development through mentoring
5) Mentors: Specialists or Generalists?
6) Supreme mentoring manual and tools
7) Mentoring for migrant youth

These round tables were animated by representatives from Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, Finland, Portugal, The Netherlands and the EU.

*MentorProgramma Friesland is the lead partner in this SUPREME (SUccessful PRevention of Early drop-outs through MEntoring) project of the Leonardo da Vinci ‘Transfer of Innovation’ fund for education and training programmes. MentorProgramma Friesland collaborates with organizations from six different countries. Supreme has been developed by a varied and strong partnership where 4 vocational colleges, an incubator, an EU VET association, a SME association and a policy maker work together.

Associated member: Business Development Friesland
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