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More than 250 jobs created by BIC Euronova's support during 2018

During 2017, EBN Member Bic Euronova has selected and hosted 17 new innovative startups in its premises, which means having during the whole 2018 almost 50 startups and SMEs hosted in the BIC, 4 of them coming from outside of Spain. Those SMEs and startups created during the whole 2017 more than 250 jobs, billing up to €14 million. Moreover, BIC Euronova counts with a virtual incubator with 26 companies and a coworking with 4 business projects. 

Members of BIC Euronova Board: Francisco Salas, José Aguilar, Francisco Oyonarte, Mariano Ruiz, Álvaro Simón and Javier Cervantes.

Since its creation 26 years ago, BIC Euronova has incubated, supported and coached more than 420 innovative companies helping them as well to internationalised (through their active participation in EBN). Those numbers represent 25% of all the companies created in the Andalucian Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (PTA)). The survival rate at BIC Euronova is around 80%.

Recognisition of the good work BIC Euronova has been doing is the EU|BIC trademark, that EBN grants to EBN Full Members that comply with the EU|BIC quality criteria

BIC Euronova companies are specialised in Engineering, Consulting and ICT, but as well they work on Energy and Environment, Biotechnology or Manufaturing among others. The BIC participates in European projects, some of them in collaboration with EBN (CommBeBiz, SmartAgrifood or FIBIA are some of the examples).

From EBN we are very proud of great numbers of our EU|BICs, and the job they are doing in supporting innovative companies and job creation.

Associated member: BIC Euronova S.A.
Published on 05-07-2018 00:00 by Marta Gomez Andres. 3932 page views

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