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Help us solve social and environmental challenges

The joint initiative of EBN, EBN Member META Group and Impact HUB, has already awarded 1.230.000€ to 41 entrepreneurs (30000€ each) to solve pressing social and environmental challenges in Europe in 2017.

If you missed it, there is still time to apply for the 2nd call for solutions – deadline for applications 15th April 2018 (23.59 CET). New challenges are online looking for the best entrepreneurial solutions to their social and environmental needs. You might have the right “answer” for them!

Selected entrepreneurs will receive 30.000€ each and a dedicated light mentoring programme to develop over 6 months a Minimum Viable Product that will be deployed and tested with the support of the local partners that have promoted the challenge.

Cerqana is a Spanish company that through ANCES - the Spanish National Association of BICs  entered the soft-landing programme with EBN Member WestBIC (Ireland). They finally got the grant under the “Reconnect Generations” challenge in Angers (FR) and will be working with RETIS. ANCES, WestBIC and Retis are also acting as local nodes for

Another example is represented by KEDROZ SPRL, a company introduced to the platform by  ENTREPRENDRE.WAPI (Belgium) and that was selected to work on the “MINDBOOK” challenge in Piacenza (Italy). Kedroz, on top of the 30.000€ grant, will benefit from the mentoring support of both Entreprendre Wapi and ASTER, both EBN Members and local nodes in Belgium and Italy.

Two, out of many more, great examples on how EBN client companies can benefit from the network and the platform.

Join Cerqana and KEDROZ SPRL, entrepreneurs from the EBN ecosystem, and be part of the change!

There are only a couple of weeks left to apply for the open call for solutions. Deadline for applications 15th April 2018 (23.59 CET).

Looking for more info about the platform and the application process for solution providers?

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