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A new economy with women urgently needed

Rome, 5 December, a meeting gathering 200 women from all Italy and from all environments-  women entrepreneurs, artists, university teachers, politics, citizens- to exchange during the whole day in view of the EXPO and the Women World Conference “Pekin 20 years later” that will take place in Milan from 26 to 28 September 2015.

A new Economy of Values was the basic proposal of the General States of Women reaffirming the valuable contribution of women to fight the crisis that Italy is enduring and to offer solutions and present already undergoing projects or under development.
“That is the reason why the Summit for Women was born, a spontaneous meeting, open to all and that foresees other meetings of permanent General States from Rome followed by all Italian Regions: an exchange of best practices and abstracts on different themes including the collection and publication online for all 2015, a space for the valorization of women and to make their voices heard says isa maggi creator of these General States for Women and representative of BicNet Italia Network. ”In Rome we have presented important data which are the results of a two-year work carried out through all Italian territories.

Two relevant initiatives have been highlighted, “Women who resist” and “Women who did it”, as well as many data at European, national, regional and local levels providing a relevant focus on social, cultural and economic interests ”.

A new model of development was proposed to exit the crisis with the women workforce. From these data it appears that in difficult times women create jobs and fight against the crisis in more positive ways generating ideas that may completely revolutionize the territory management starting from a new legislation and economy based on ethical values with the aim to rebuild ‘a sustainable social and financial economy in compliance with the gender requirements and  policies.

A new vision of leadership is the subject of a strategy document to be presented to both national and international authorities with proposals and projects to meet the real and daily needs and expectations of the territory.


Associated member: Sportello Donna BIC Pavia
Published on 30-12-2014 00:00 by Nathalie Marchand. 2759 page views

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