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The Menara cluster: an inspiring project to support innovation and contribute to the development of the food and cosmetics industries luxury.

Cluster Menara (Marrakech Exclusivity Advanced Network For Research In Art's Living) is a Moroccan association specializing in the food and cosmetics industry of luxury, and the latest addition to the EBN Community!

Cluster Menara is based in Marrakech and has ambitions of pushing their local companies to international markets, both in Europe and beyond. The rationale behind the creation of this cluster is the recent development of the considerable potential of products of the Moroccan territory in new food concepts and luxury cosmetics through a research effort supported by a R & D base.

The Menara cluster transforms the collaborative efforts of R & D work into innovative products, processes and services with high added value in the region. You can learn more about their clients and service here.

Published on 06-07-2015 00:00 by Cláudia Silva. 2120 page views

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