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Cap Digital showcasing French innovation at SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles

In collaboration with Imaginove, a competitiveness cluster specialising in digital, EBN member Cap Digital selected 16 French companies to showcase at SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles, California.

SIGGRAPH is the world’s leading digital conference and exhibition in computer graphics and interactive techniques, gathering almost 20,000 participants each year. 

The conference’s 44th edition took place between 30th of July and 3rd of August, with five days of research results, demos, educational sessions, art, screenings, and hands-on interactivity featuring the community’s latest technical achievements, and three days of commercial exhibits displaying the industry's current hardware, software, and services.

This year, French innovation was represented by 24 organisations exhibiting, making France the most represented foreign country.  Cap Digital and Imaginove set up one of the 10 largest exhibition areas on the main alley (next to the Amazon booths, Google and Facebook), thus offering one of the best possible visibilities to the 16 companies selected and gathered in the French Pavilion. 

For the past 11 years, Cap Digital and Imaginove have been joining their forces to showcase the best companies in computer graphics and digital creation at SiGGRAPH. The companies selected to exhibit under the French pavilion are recognised for their excellence in content creation, supply of services or software and hardware marketing in the most technologically advanced digital sectors: Motion capture, 3D animation, special effects, immersive experience, animation & postproduction, render farms and green logic & sustainable development.

SIGGRAPH 2017’s French companies: 

Eisko is a technology company specialising in the 3D representation of prominent persons for VFX productions and interactive applications.

The 4DViews' dynamic volumetric capture system films people in live-action studios and creates holograms for use in VFX and VR, AR & MR devices.

 Dynamixyz: Performer software allows you to capture the facial expressions of an actor and to seamlessly and accurately transfer them onto a 3D character (also in live).

SPARTE: Innovative solutions in many domains such as virtual reality, 3D printing, and communication.


Stimergy: Rents the greenest render farm on earth, highly reliable, at the most competitive price of the market and compatible with the main 3D animation tools.


Ranch Computing: A render farm which provides 3D modeling and calculation services to all businesses which create 3D computer generated images.


Qarnot computing: A fully-featured super-green and competitive render farm. Performed on a distributed cloud made up of heaters, your renderings heat homes.

Persistant Studios: Develops PopcornFX, a middleware enabling the creation of realtime 3D particle effects. PopcornFX offers an efficient, solid and modern design, with many game engine interactions, fast iterations, and tools tailored for VFX.

Mercenaries Engineering: 3D software for animation and special effects industries. Its Guerilla Render software has been used on many movies and television series.


Golaem: Develops crowd simulation, layout and previz tools helping artists to easily populate feature films, TV Shows, commercials and game cinematics.

Texels: Presents Kurtis, a pipeline creation and automation software for Animation and VFX. It’s designed to build a unified pipeline: robust,open and scalable.

Mikros image: As a major player of post-production, will show his latest works for ads, feature films and animation, developed with bespoke full service tools.

TVPaint Animation: a 2D software based on bitmap technology which allow to animate natural renderings without imposing a graphical style.

Composite Films: The world leader of restoration and colorisation of films and archive footage, for television documentary series and feature films.


Kolor (Gopro division): Gives content creators software solutions to create advanced immersive experiences.

Speedernet-Sphere: A software to create 360° and VR experiences for the web. Enrich your assets with interactivity through its user-friendly interface.


These companies received support from the CNC (French National Center of Cinematography and the moving image) for 50% of the corresponding expenditure to exhibit under the French pavilion organized by Cap Digital and Imaginove.

Next conference:

Associated member: Cap Digital Paris Region
Published on 07-08-2017 00:00 by Lana Blagojevic. 3118 page views

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