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Join global Fabspace 2.0 network

In the framework of FabSpace 2.0 project, whose aim is to create an open network for geodata-driven innovation, EBN is calling EBN Members interested in joining the network to apply for FabSpace 2.0's call by September 30 2018. 

By joining the network, EBN Members interested in exploring and sharing space-driven expertise could join 20 other universities and ESA|BICs, among them EBN Member ESA BIC Lazio.

The initial network of FabSpace 2.0 partners consists of six centres (in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece and Poland), each one composed by a local University and the local ESA BIC-Business Incubation Centre.


What are the benefits for an organisation opening a new FabSpace?

  • cooperation with partnering universities in many European countries;
  • access to the free geo-information platform to access and process open spatial data;
  • access to and cooperation with interdisciplinary project teams creating innovative services and products;
  • good practices regarding educational programmes and business mentoring;
  • innovative application ideas to be proposed in R&D projects funded at local level.
  • be considered to be part of the new promising project supported by the European Space Agency, φ-Unet.

Becoming a new FabSpace

By becoming part of the FabSpace 2.0 network, you can benefit from the experience gained by the current FabSpace 2.0 partners through the project activities for:

  • setting-up innovative training programmes for your students, both business programmes for Earth Observation (EO) students and EO programmes for other technical students (engineering, informatics, geology, agronomy, etc.)
  •  becoming a crossing point between public/private potential customers of innovative applications and the researchers/students’ domain and be recognised as a generator of innovation
  • creating an opportunity for your students and researchers to put their capabilities and energy at work with potential customers thus inventing/creating their future job
  • having visibility on new ideas, concepts and applications that you could transfer to your local situation, also applying for R&D local funding.

Please read the attached information package  below and feel free to ask questions and clarifications to Mr Marcello Maranesi (Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata and Mrs Aurélie Baker (ESA BIC Sud France – Aerospace Valley:

  1. Additional Information for the Call_FabSpace Worldwide Network 2018
  2. Letter of Interest-template_New FabSpaces_2018
  3. Application Form_New FabSpaces_2018


Associated member: Aerospace Valley
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