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EBN webinars

EBN through the projects lab and the members organises webinars on different contents that can be of interest of EBN Members, incubators, innovative entrepreneurs and startups. Watch them below:

InnoRate: Financing Business Growth

19 June 2020

Javier Echarri, EBN

How to be ready for due diligence

18 June 2020

Gerard Sienstra, New Technology Value

CAST Virtual Hackathon

15 June 2020

Anne-Marie Sassen, European Commission and Javier Echarri, EBN

Financial Strategy

28 May 2020

John Brennan, WestBIC

Getting Investment Ready

24 April 2020

Uwe Herrgott, EurA AG

ENRICH etraining: pitch your business & attract international partners

16 April 2020

Peter Lazou

From Rewards to Equity: how to select the best crowdfunding model for your project?

26 March 2020

Conny Weber, European Crowdfunding Network

Essential Tips on Managing Cash Flow as a Startup

20 February 2020

Frédéric Daumas, Upperion

Introduction to the 2nd INNOWWIDE call for Viability Assessment Projects - Funding opportunity for the Internationalisation of European SMEs

11 February 2020

Peter Lalvani, EUREKA

Dublin BIC and FutureScope - Attractiveness Regional Webinar

6 February 2020


Conor Carmody, Dublin BIC

ENRICH in BR_Leveraging available EU funding schemes to attract and cooperate with EU companies: INNOWWIDE call for VAPs

4 February 2020

Chiara Davalli, EBN, Leena Pische Thomas, Global Business Inroads



30 January 2020


David Gill, St John's Innovation Centre

European Digital Innovation Hubs

28 January 2020

Panayotis Philimis, CyRIC

Internationalisation Webinar

17 December 2019

Edouard Leonet, EBN

Unlocking Corporate Venturing For Entrepreneurs

5 December 2019

Josemaria Siota, IESE

Climate Kic Eco Innovation SIG

28 November 2019

Lucie Sanchez, ART-ER

Who are business angels and how can they help start-ups to scale-up?

21 November 2019

Luigi Amati, META

Natura Innovation Challenge ZERO WASTE PACKAGING

14 November 2019

Chiara Davalli, EBN

The EIC Accelerator Pilot: What are the new Funding Opportunities for Startups and SMEs?

7 November 2019

Cristina Fanjul, CEEI Asturias

Introduction to market analysis

17 October 2019

Moritz Stahl, bwcon GmbH

5 Steps to Scale your Start-up and Raising Series A/B Funding

7 October 2019

Michael O'Connor, CorkBIC

How to master a good pitch?


12 September 2019

Javier Echarri, EBN

EBN Opinion Horizon Europe Co Design Open Consultation

29 August 2019

Javier Echarri, Margaret Mulligan and Marta Gomez Andres, EBN

Practical insights into the European and Brazilian Agro – Food Industry

27 June 2019

Maria Kirova, Thiago Tavares, Marcia Barcellos

Financing your idea through series A

14 May 2019

Vincent Keunen, Andaman7, Roger Franklin Hadean Ventures

#opentotheworld - INNOWWIDE Granting scheme for European SMEs

8 May 2019

Peter Lavlani, EUREKA

Impact Funds Reverse Pitching EBN Impact SIG EVPA

7 May 2019

Martin Fase, Paul Caenepeel, Pieter Oostlader

INNOWWIDE Granting scheme for European SMEs approaching international markets

9 April 2019

Chiara Davalli, EBN, Peter Lavlani, EUREKA

ENRICH in Brazil Get connected! Discover our Soft Landing Hubs

12 March 2019

Chiara Davalli, EBN

FET2RIN 'How to Pitch for R&D projects'

7 March 2019

Andrea di Anselmo and Dario Mazzella, META

FET2RIN 'How to use the Lean Canvas as a base for your Pitch'

28 February 2019

Andrea di Anselmo and Dario Mazzella, META

COMPASS crash course Develop your own responsible innovation action plan!

24 January 2019

Katharina Jarmai, Christophe Gouache, François Jégou, Catherine Flick, Alex Esteban

Blue Invest online pitching rehearsal

17 January 2019


Blue Invest 2019 Introduction to the art of pitching

10 January 2019

Javier Echarri, EBN

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