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Universities and Business Schools

For universities and research centres, EBN offers services that can help integrate research, education and intellectual property (IP) commercialisation.

Many universities already operate incubation programmes both for business school students to gain an actual hands-on entrepreneurial experience during their course, and for researchers to develop commercial opportunities for their IP (research output). EBN’s EU|BIC services are an ideal way to develop such support and many examples of BICs attached to universities and research centres already exist.

For students, the option to set up a business rather then look for a job upon graduating has become both more acceptable and more desirable in recent years. Universities looking to add an element of entrepreneur education can work with EBN and its members to identify best practice and successful programmes already implemented.

In summary, EBN can help universities and research centres to:

  • help build a certified innovation-based incubation programme
  • enhance the entrepreneurship education programme
  • engage in European collaborative projects for example in the field of youth entrepreneurship
  • plug-in IP commercialisation activities into a certified incubation programme
  • connect technology transfer offices between members
  • enable knowledge transfer between BICs and local universities
  • support international collaboration
  • participate in international projects with both research and commercial outputs

ExaMples of EU|BICs

Examples of Associate Members


  • Lappeenranta University of Technology (FI)

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