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Green Economy

The green economy matters, entrepreneurs make it real everyday.

In the progress towards sustainable development, business support organisations, the BICs and EU entrepreneurs play are clear and central role in delivering Europe’s 'green economy'. They create value developing eco-products and greener services and sustainable processes that are resource efficient, restore the environment and minimize waste while creating jobs.  

Green economy is a tenet of Europe’s strategy for growth and jobs. It is core to at least two of its seven flagship initiatives: the Innovation Union, which recognises the need for innovation of all kinds in a future, globally competitive Europe, and the Resource Efficient Europe initiative.

For European policymakers, eco-innovations in particular are key enabler of greater resource efficiency. It is seen as a source of green growth that support member states exit the economic crisis, curb spending on increasingly scarce and expensive resources, and help meet environmental goals. Policymakers see an opportunity to encourage ‘eco-entrepreneurs’ and create jobs.

The SIG group Green Economy closely follow the work of the European institutions (EcoAP), the EEA definition and the OECD work on the matter.

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MIRA, Nuneaton, United Kingdom - 09 Sep 2014
Mayo, Ireland - 18 Sep - 18 Sep 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 26 Sep - 26 Sep 2014
Brussels, Belgium - 02 Oct 2014

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