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Recently the bio economy is being considered as a strategic tool to boost the world economy thanks to a smarter use of renewable resources. The main aim of this discipline is to make of Europe a competitive and innovative place with more inclusive and sustainable growth, that take into consideration the population growing and the scarsity of natural resources.

Agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and food industry are vital part of the economy and they need to be supported by adequate research and innovation policies in order to face new challenges namely, energy efficiency, climate chage, food security, maritime protection and water sustainability.

The impact of supporting policies in these sectors will be transversal on well-being and markets and people's wealth.

You can find out which projects, community experts, EBN members and opportunities exist in this sector.



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Nantes, France  - 24 Apr 2014
Munich, Germany - 17 Sep - 18 Sep 2014

Please contact the EBN Team responsible for this SIG for any further information.

    Laura Lecci

    Siobhan McQuaid

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