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EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety

From 08 Dec 2015 to 09 Dec 2015
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This year’s EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety will build upon last year’s inaugural event, focusing on how the EU-ASEAN industry can tackle regulatory issues and benefit from harmonised standards, especially in the context of food quality and safety.

The two-day conference is a platform to facilitate the standardisation of food safety standards, regulations and legislation in the ASEAN region.


EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety 2015

Nurturing the EU-ASEAN Dialogue on Harmonising Food Safety Standards

A key issue for the EU and ASEAN food industry is the lack of a level-playing field regarding regulatory and technology standards on food safety in both regions. This non-alignment of standards acts as a technical trade barrier for both sides. Increasing and harmonising these EU-ASEAN food safety standards would directly support two key drivers of economic welfare in both regions: Trade and Public Health.

EU-ASEAN trade

A level-playing field in food safety standards would give the ASEAN food industry full and sustainable access to the lucrative EU market, giving the chance to build up long-term key competitive advantages. At the same time, EU export towards ASEAN would increase, thus supporting economic growth for both EU and ASEAN.

EU-ASEAN public health

A healthy and productive workforce is essential to stay competitive in the ever more global economy. It is crucial to invest in illness prevention rather than just on health-care. Both EU and ASEAN stand to benefit heavily from producing and importing safe food.

Generating two-way traffic

The EU-ASEAN Forum serves as a platform for dialogue with food safety experts, associations and businesses, to introduce innovations, technologies and experiences to support harmonization of food safety standards. Solution providers and technology experts also contribute by sharing their market experience and working towards practical and hands-on solutions.

The broad concept of Food Safety can be specified through four key topics: Shelf Life, Traceability, Cold Chain and Labelling – from the Science, Regulatory and Industry perspectives.

Published on 06-10-2015 00:00 by Robert Sanders. 3952 page views

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