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Sunrise Workshop - GNSS for Intelligent Transport Systems

All day event
Location: Paris, France

The SUNRISE project team is organizing the 4th workshop on GNSS-ITS to be held on 15th of April, at Paris La Défense, and  in parallel to the TRA 2014 event.

SUNRISE is an FP7 project co-funded by the European GNSS Agency -  aiming at boosting the integration of GNSS-based applications within the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and LBS (Location Based Services) sectors ; GNSS-ITS markets are also public sector initiatives.

There are many applications to be developed for the benefit of local public sector stakeholders.

Some public authorities struggle to identify the ITS applications that already exist and which may be of interest and it is difficult for them to specify in their tenders the added value the European GNSS systems could provide.

Accordingly, the market for GNSS-ITS applications is now very fragmented and, for example, a company that has developed an ITS application in a city/region encounters real difficulties in commercialising it in another city/region ... In many cases, the existing GNSS-ITS offerings fail to gain a critical mass.

The 4th SUNRISE ITS workshop will explore ways to improve this situation:

  • How to help local authorities at gaining awareness of and at integrating the GNSS-ITS applications they need?
  • How to highlight the specific benefits of the European satellite capacities?
  • How to help SMEs having developed innovative GNSS-ITS applications at gaining visibility and at developing new offerings with a sufficient critical mass, at least in Europe?

In order to answer such questions, SUNRISE project would like to share testimonials from Regional Public authorities already implementing GNSS-ITS applications and from Companies already providing GNSS-ITS technos/apps/services.

The objective is to demonstrate the benefits/advantages that can derive from such GNSS-ITS solutions and benefits for citizens (car drivers, travellers, hauliers, emergency/freight transports, etc.) innovative and intelligent transport/mobility solutions.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Robert Sanders

Published on 05-04-2014 00:00 by Robert Sanders. 6946 page views

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