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Business angels training in Budapest

From 13:30 to 15:30
Location: Budapest, Hungary

Business angels training in Budapest


In the framework of the fifth Startup Night Budapest, organised by EBN member Budapest Enterprise Agency (BEA), with the support of the City Council, EBN President David Uhlir will take part at the training for business angels and EU|BIC cooperation, financed by ESIL project.

The workshop, that takes place Thursday 28 of November, will be located at the House of Wisdom, Úri street 21 Budapest (Hungary), from 13:30 to 15:30.

The programme is divided between speeches and a final moment dedicated to networking.

Piroska Szalai, Chair of the Board of Budapest Enterprise Agency and ESIL Local Leader for Hungary, will open the event.

David Uhlir, also Chief Strategy Officer at JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre, EBN member), will outline the best practices for the collaboration between BAs (Business Angels) and EU|BICs (Business and Innovation Centres).

Moreover, he will give a contribution on how to utilise the connection between BAs and BIC, focusing on what type of companies are supported, how to identify the potential to invest in and specific sectors of matchmaking.

EBN is partner of ESIL project, together with META, BAE, ECN, Go beyond, LINC and bpi France.

ESIL facilitate the take up of Angel Investing, overcoming obstacles related to market outreach and engaging key actors e.g. entrepreneurs, unconventional early stage investors and crowdfunding.





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