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InvestHorizon | What is needed to get to a Series A funding?

From 16:00 to 17:30
Location: Online,
What is needed to get to a Series A funding?
January 27 at 4 pm CET.
An insightful and interactive discussion where Mikko Suonenlahti will give clear tips on what to do and don’t do during the fundraising process of series A. 
Mikko Suonenlahti is Board member of 10 VC backed tech businesses in Amsterdam, Helsinki and London. Chairperson or Non Executive Director and board member of two FSA regulated VC funds: Icebreaker in Finland and SmartCap in Estonia.
•          Almost 40 years of start-up experience: 25 as a VC (US, Europe) and 10 in operations (CEO, sales, R & D)
•          Led financing rounds for VC funds in 14 start-ups in the US and Europe, which raised a total of $ 300 M, now realised at > $ 2 Billion - 2 filed for a Nasdaq US IPO (both initially pre-revenue) and were then acquired for $ 1.4 Billion and € 200 M+, while 2 in Finland returned 20x (both initially pre-revenue)
•          Served on the boards of ca. 100 start-ups in the US and in Europe
•          Reviewed over 5,000 investor presentations during 30 years and developed a 10 point investor presentation framework
•          Since 2018 as an independent director / cob of VC backed companies, have completed 20+ financing rounds for € 100 M+ and three exits
Associated project: INVESTHORIZON
Associated member: EBN
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