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Dermandar - Lebanon

Dermandar is an innovative technology company that specialises in mobile apps in the field of image processing. The app enables photography enthusiasts to shoot and share pictures without resorting to expensive photographic equipment, and create panoramas quickly to share it with friends and family, with ease.

The Challenges

Any technology company using the internet would have had the problems faced by Dermandar, as internet connectivity in Lebanon was not the best until as recently as 2011. There were frequent power shortages and often electricity would be available for a mere six hours a day. Added to this were the regional and political problems that affected daily life, both personal and professional, which made it very hard for start-ups of any sort to find a firm footing. Funding, always an issue, was a huge problem as well, as Dermandar was personally funded by its founder, who had to dip into personal savings and family finances to keep the company running. Needless to say, things were not easy and Berytech's involvement certainly put the company back on track.

The Incubator Advantage

Things were very tight for this little entrepreneurial enterprise, until Berytech stepped in. The incubator helped with the funding which enabled the company to keep it's eyes on the final goal, which was building a successful business. The Berytech Find helped shift focus from cash flow to business development, and without them Dermandar is quite certain they would not be where we are today. They are convinced that incubators are vital to nurturing new business get up and off the ground and on to the road to success.

And More

Despite terrible infrastructure within the country, Dermandar was ranked at the very top in the Appstore - quite a significant achievment. Since the company started out, things have improved, and the infrastructure  has been put into place within the country to support new businesses.  In recent years Lebanon is making a name for itself on the international circuit as a place that encourages and sustains technology and innovation  led businesses. The Berytech Incubation Centre is playing a central role in enabling these much-needed changes and as a company, Dermandar say they have  greatly benefited from their association with this progressive incubator and it's team.

Where to find us


LebanonPrincess Bldg,
Jounieh Highway,


The Incubator

PO Box 11-7503
Riad el Solh
Beirut 1107 2240
Published on 14-10-2012 15:26 by David Tee. 1439 page views

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