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Philip Piatkiewicz gives an overview of REDINN’s activities in the arena of innovation and entrepreneurship

Any conversation about innovation starts with the ultimate goal, said, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. This vision is certainly being shared in Europe, where increasing Innovation has been proclaimed as potentially the most important target by European policy makers - supporting start-ups and providing incentives to stimulate and improve this economic driver.

There are a number of organisations in Italy that understand the underlying importance of innovation and REDINN is one of them, specializing in three distinct areas of expertise: Innovation policies and Research & Technology Development (RTD) studies, Project Management for Innovation and RTD related projects Consultancy services – all of which accelerate the innovation potential of SMEs.

REDINN believes that fostering innovation can only come through gathering information from new connections, through collaborative effort and journeying into other disciplines or places; from active networks with open boundaries that form associations between ideas and motivations. This increases the chances of ‘configurations’ or ideal combinations, resulting in solutions to a particular problem.

By collaborating with Universities, SMEs and government agencies and partners with clients in Italy, Europe and around the globe, REDINN recognises that this is the future for business growth, implementing winning innovation strategies and achieving sustainable results. REDINN works within the European Union’s scientific cooperation policy, addressing the needs and opportunities of an interconnected world, contributing to solving some of the most fundamental societal challenges in the name of prosperity for all.

REDINN’s headquarters are located in the Eternal City – Rome – and the company has branch offices in Brussels and Barcelona, as well as a business network that stretches throughout Europe and beyond. The company has over a decade of experience and a range of successful international cooperation RTD projects, providing legibility assessment for innovative products and service and creative development of international and EU funding roadmaps. REDINN's projects cover a broad range of topics, especially: food security, water and energy sustainability and nanotechnology that focus on raising the research capacities of organisations as geographically diverse as Southern America and Northern Africa.

The latest EU funding programme, 'Horizon 2020' is the biggest Research and Innovation European programme ever, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over seven years (2014 to 2020). In combination with national measures, Horizon 2020 will continue to support the advances in Italy’s Research, Innovation and Industry, by removing barriers to innovation and improving the cooperation between public and private sectors. Moreover, in 2015, Milan will play host to ‘Expo Milano 2015’ which underlines how public institutions, private companies, charities, non-governmental organizations, representatives of consumers and producers will together promote, along the entire food supply chain, the development of economic and social systems of the entire planet. REDINN is proud to be in a position to support these values with its experience and project work and help in enhancing the lives of people worldwide.
Published on 29-05-2014 09:18 by David Tee. 1489 page views

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