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Entrepreneurs in London

Innovation and incubation has always been a buzz word in London, but Patrick M Powers has combined his extensive skills as a networker and personal coach to get people talking and sharing their ideas. Each month he runs a Meetup seminar that engages a diverse group of people from all works of life, from entrepreneurs looking to get started to investors scouting for potential business opportunities. The meetups include talks by industry greats, motivational seminars and networking events to get people talking and doing business and taking things to the next level. He offers one-on-one mentoring and coaching to new-start-ups and incubation teams, and offers his own life, which has been the entrepreneurial roller-coaster, as the basis for business success. Practical, sensible, no- nonsense and straight talking, an hour with Patrick would be an hour well-spent understanding where you are now, where you are headed, and where you would actually like to be going.

Question Time

1. Why are you a small business marketing expert?

I love helping startups and small businesses succeed. I think entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful ways to create positive change in the world. But practically none of the skills needed to succeed is taught in schools. So I feel I'm making a big difference.

2. What are the three elements crucial to entrepreneurial success?

a. Commitment/willingness to do whatever it takes.
Success is found on the outside of your comfort zone, so being committed to do what it takes is crucial. On the way to success you will have to do many things that are scary. The people that just want success will give up when it gets tough, only the committed will continue to succeed.

b. Willingness to change.
Your initial approaches probably won't work so it's crucial you are willing to change your approach. Even if you do succeed initially you probably have to change what you do every 1-2 years, since the world is changing faster and faster.

c. Marketing know-how.
This is the most important – even if you have a brilliant product, nobody will know about it or understand it if you don't know how to market. Companies with mediocre products (like mcdonalds) and great marketing can conquer the world. The good news is that very few are good at marketing so with a bit of effort and learning it's not that hard to overtake your competitors (in most niches)

3. Why do you think Business Incubation is a great idea?

When people are starting a business they need support and know-how in many different areas and many times they are not aware of what they need the most. The support structure of an incubator is something I wish I had had when I started out.

Patrick's book “Turn Your Contacts into Cash” is available via our Resources page.
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