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Why the Business Incubator?

Given that you are reading this piece, you must have an interest in business incubation, acceleration, and the support of new businesses. You are not alone. There are thousands of professionals around the world who dedicate their lives to helping new entrepreneurs. And this is why we set up The Business Incubator magazine. To be a voice of the incubation professional, helping you share good practice, learn from each other and firmly establish the profession of business incubation as a cornerstone of economic development and growth.

As anyone who has worked in incubation knows, being around start-ups is infectious. Either starting and growing your own company, or helping others do the same is a great buzz. In a start-up you can do anything. No one has set the rules yet. No one can say, we tried that once before and it didn't work, or we've always done it this way, so we won't change. As a team you are free to explore all possibilities. This freedom can also be a problem if the focus of the business isn't kept in mind, but being able to pivot into a new direction based on market feedback is a hallmark of a successful start-up.

At The Business Incubatormagazine, we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and helping incubation practitioners give the best support and advice. That is why our features are written by practicing incubation professionals, highly experienced consultants and other experts with tried-and-tested methodologies to share. You too could be one of our writers; contact us if you have something interesting to say.

And we are not just focused on incubation success in the developed world. We are a truly global publication with news and views from all corners of the globe. Issue 1 had contributions from Taiwan and Lebanon, as well as the USA, Ireland and Italy. Issue 2 brings articles from India, Africa/Caribbean, Mexico and Chile as well as the UK, Germany and France. We have much to learn from each other's experiences; a problem you are facing today might just have been solved by an incubator on the other side of the world.So please join in the conversation.

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Published on 20-07-2012 00:00 by David Tee. 1989 page views

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