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The Incubator Portal

from Avnon Consulting

It was April 2011 that Avnon Consulting rolled out its Skills Development Portal and the team have been updating the site ever since with one development after another to achieve their mission of continuously improving and enhancing the portal. In response to the growing need for incubators to oversee their charges, the new release of the 2013 Incubator Portal will see the biggest step forward in Incubator management monitoring. It is fully customisable so that each client has their own bespoke gateway to all the information they require. It also embraces all the social networking tools that are so important to business growth in today’s economy.

The portal has been designed to present everything you need from wherever you are in the world and it makes use of The Cloud to maximum effect. Whether your area of the business is Learning and Development, Incubation and Enterprise Development, Small Business Management or Project & Programme Management; the Incubator Portal offers solutions in all four areas.

Here are what some of The Incubator Portal’s clients have to say:

“Anyone who sees your system will be flabbergasted! There isn’t another product on the market that can do what it does, in such an easy, User-friendly manner!” – Corrie Hiepner, Team Leader: Human Capital Development, Toyota Tsusho Africa.

“We spent 2 years searching a software system that would effectively manage our wide range of learning and development programmes. We found everything we were looking for, and more, in Avnon Consulting’s Skills Development Portal - it’s user-friendly, comprehensive and completely customisable. After successfully piloting the system across two of our Divisions we subsequently implemented the product across all 14 Divisions in the Nampak Group. Even though the project is in its early stages, we are very satisfied with the progress made thus far as we’re now able to accurately monitor the skills development programmes taking place at any of our plants through customised dashboards, and all our reporting is completely automated” – Fezekile Tshiqi, Executive Director, Human Resources, Nampak Group

“The Incubator Portal is a fantastic product – it’s comprehensive enough to cover all the monitoring and evaluation areas associated with business incubation, yet user-friendly enough so that everyone can enjoy the functionality it provides. We’ve successfully rolled out the portal across all seven of our incubators. Now we’re able to accurately monitor and report on the performance of each site using KPI dashboards and reports that have been customised to meet our specific requirements. The portal also provides us with an early detection system for problems within our client’s businesses through the use of a company health monitor. All our business coaching sessions, progress review meetings, staff meetings, events and training sessions are scheduled and tracked through the portal. Additionally the Incubator Portal provides each of our SMEs with an easy-to-use platform from which they can update the progress they’re making against the tasks we’ve assigned them, generate quotations (using an integrated costing model to help guide item pricing) and generate invoices. They can also submit feedback after attending a coaching session or training event, improving our quality assurance processes. If you’re looking for a system to assist with client administration, monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements then we can definitely recommend the Incubator Portal - it’s a product that every incubator and incubation program manager can derive value from. Please contact me if you require any further information regarding the Incubator Portal.” - Michael Reddy, African Incubator Network Chairman & Furntech CEO

“The Skills Development Portal is the most comprehensive and user friendly training database I have seen anywhere, and has totally revolutionized our ability to provide meaningful information to managers, and the support staff are just wonderful” – Alexis Azzarito, Deputy Head, Skills Development Unit, Thekwini Municipality.

“I really appreciate all you have done for the (SA) Post Office … it is an absolute pleasure working with you … the eLearning platform, Report Studio, learnerships, training and events – mind blowing stuff!” – Stuart Gordon, (National) Manager: Training Technology & Methodology, SA Post Office.

“Avnon Consulting is simply brilliant… their tenacity resulted in a better product than we could have envisioned... I admire their desire to only give the best and their ability to adapt to the most intricate and demanding requests. If you need a major project done, and done very well, Avnon Consulting is your company … they were able to deliver all we needed and more …the World Bank InfoDev program, and every business incubator in Africa will be forever beholden and infinitely grateful for their incredible work.” – Brian Brown, Southern African Business and Technology Incubation Association. 

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