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Inkubator Sezana
Organisation Details
Organisation  Inkubator Sezana
Type Incubator
Address Kraska ulica 2
Country Slovenia
Phone +386 5 7313 500
Profile Manager Maja Cergol Lipnik
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Since 1991, Incubator Sežana is supporting entrepreneurship and development in the local and regional environment and is busy building an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. As an organization providing entrepreneurial support for innovative potential entrepreneurs and start-ups Incubator Sežana provides assistance for the development and evaluation of business ideas, provides advice on how to start a business, advises on the development of new business models and entry into new markets and offers counselling and mentoring in different business areas.

Within the framework of Incubator Sežana, the Educational Development Center operates with the aim of providing the infrastructure required for the study courses held in Sežana and of promoting innovation and entrepreneurial thinking among young people.

Incubator Sežana has supported entrepreneurship and development in the local and regional environment and is building an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. Due to its long tradition, well-designed and solid foundations in the field of business support, knowledge of the startup scene, modern business and production facilities, excellent logistics links, proximity to Italy as well as Croatia. Inkubator Sežana is a popular meeting point for both Slovenian and foreign entrepreneurs, who have established a company in Slovenia and create new jobs in the region.

The Community in The Sežana Incubator is consisted by members of more than 50 enterprises and operate in various fields (IT, sustainable tourism, production of innovative medical machinery, architecture, design, various service activities, etc.), mentors and external experts  and internal experts – employees who jointly build the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Organisationally, the Sežana Incubator is divided into two departments and employs four people:

The business department, which has been in the incubator from the outset, shall carry out the following tasks and activities:

  • cares for relations with tenants and management of business premises,
  • admission of potential and start-up companies to the incubator,
  • promotes innovation and entrepreneurial thinking among young people and cooperates with primary and secondary schools in the local environment, Sre?ka Kosovel Sežana Higher Vocational School and various faculties at national level,
  • provide potential entrepreneurs with help to develop and evaluate their idea and advise them to start a business,
  • advise start-ups on developing new business models and penetrating new markets,
  • conduct mentoring in the field of product development, process organisation, promotion, communication, marketing, information and communication technologies, intellectual property, social innovation, internationalisation, human resources as well as in the legal, tax and financial fields,
  • provide expert advice for start-ups in different specialised areas and according to their needs,
  • promote and communicate through different communication channels,
  • organizes education and events for target groups,
  • ensure the maintenance of relations with key partners and customers, networking at national and international level through the EBN network, of which it has been a member since 2013,
  • creates a community between entrepreneurs, mentors, professionals, and other experts.

The Educational – Development Centre, which joined Incubator Sežana in 2018, takes care of:

  • ensuring the infrastructure conditions of studies taking place in Sežana,
  • support and assistance to senior professional school Srecko Kosovel Sežana, who offers studies in the framework of materials design and photography programmes,
  • conduct professional practice and mentoring for students,
  • lead the development of new study programmes,
  • establishes the conditions for working and housing students,
  • identify enterprising students who are potential future entrepreneurs and incubators.

The Inkubator Sežana is also a Centre for Karst Stone and is responsible for the conservation, dissemination of knowledge and knowledge about stone cultural heritage and, through development activities and innovative approaches, makes an important contribution to strengthening the traditional stone processing and design industry in the Karst. He is a member of the Partnership of Karst Dry-Wall Construction and as such takes care of cultural heritage in this area.

Inkubator Sežana is a member of the Slovenian Association of Incubators and Technological parks and EU/BIC certified member of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN).

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