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The aim of this project is to establish industry-driven initiatives that respond to the underlying principles of smart specialisation. This requires to respond to real business needs and overcome obstacles which hamper these initiatives to develop. As such ReConfirms needs to identify very specific and focused initiatives that point companies to market opportunities, ideas about how to respond to future challenges and access to investors and finance. Such opportunities may emerge from cooperation of business partners in unexpected places and territories. ReConfim will foster industry led initiatives, in selected promising industrial domains, linking companies across different regions, including lagging regions. In short their project wants to make things happen and strengthen cross-regional industrial value chains.


Existing information needs to be re-packaged and re-aligned to increase its effectiveness and create the necessary synergies. ReConfirm will make optimal use of the wide array of existing initiatives, strategies and programmes and build on available knowledge and networks. By aligning activities and enhancing accessibility to existing knowledge and information, the project can be more effective. This will have knock-on effects by assisting smart specialisation strategies to reach their objective and thereby strengthening the modernisation of Europe’s industrial base


ReConfirm will roll out a three-pronged mobilisation approach which has EU28-wide coverage, namely through: Business advisors through the European Business Network;  Regional development agencies through the EURADA network; and  Strong and dynamic clusters through the European Cluster Cooperation Network. At the same time, it will reach out to and through existing initiatives and networks which can further strengthen this approach.  ReConfirm combines a state of the art knowledge base on smart specialisation and advanced and emerging industrial economic sectors to enable a flying start. It has a proven track record in matchmaking and brokerage between business partners. The project consortium has distinguished business network partners that are able to link back to actual business partners. They design and implement effective communication strategies reaching and mobilising actual target groups; while at the same time being embedded in existing networks and regional cooperation initiatives. 


Establish concrete co-operation networks at EU level based on priorities identified in national and regional smart specialisation strategies – by providing expertise and support to targeted networking activities;  Pool regional efforts and bring about cooperation in specific industrial domains that strengthen existing or help create new value chains; Help identify investment needs and obstacles that could be addressed through the Investment Plan for Europe; Support regions in identifying new emerging opportunities by matching research strengths and business needs.

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Project duration: 01 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2020
Project funded by Other
Project type: International Project
Eligible countries: EU28 Countries
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