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frontierCities is an EU funded project which will support web-developers, SMEs and start-ups to develop smart mobility applications for cities across Europe.

On November 20th 2014 frontierCities will launch a call for proposals on the frontierCities website www.fi-frontiercities.eu

Successful proposals should aim to address mobility issues in cities. For full details on the call please visit the call section of the frontierCities website. This is available here.

With almost €4m up for grabs, successful applications will receive between €50k and €150k.

In addition to the funding provided we will also offer technical support and business advice, in addition to boot-camps to assist successful applicatants with the use of FIWARE and market-uptake of the application developped. In order to accelerate the market -uptake of the applications we will also make introductions to cities who may be interested in using the applications developped.

FIWARE is an essential part of the project and should be an integral part of the applications. FIWARE is an open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of future internet applications and services. For more info check out the FIWARE site here.


The project aims to assist entrepreneurs to develop smart mobility applications using FIWARE and to advance their uptake in cities around Europe.



The project will consist of a call for applications, followed by the ejudication of these applications. When the winners have been selected and the grants distributed, coaching and training will be provided in addition to introductions to end-users, cities and municipalities.


The project will fund the development of smart mobility applications up to almost €4m and will, through the network of partners, ensure their uptake in cities and municipalities in Europe.

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Project details
Project duration: 01 Jul 2014 to 31 Oct 2016
Project funded by FP7
Project type: International Project
Eligible countries: EU28 Countries, Horizon 2020 Associated Countries
EBN Project Manager

Chiara Davalli

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