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EBN | Responsible Research and Innovation Tools
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Responsible Research and Innovation Tools

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): bridging the gap between science and society

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) aims to bring together researchers, citizens, policy makers, businesses and educators to cooperate during the entire research and innovation process in order to align the outcomes of research with the values and needs of society.

RRI is a cross-cutting issue in the European Commission ‘Horizon 2020’ Framework Programme. Its ultimate ambition is to address the great challenges of our time (climate change, energy, health, etc.) and to encourage smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe. It is still an emerging concept and, in order to implement RRI, concrete tools are needed. This is where our project steps in. 

RRI Tools is a project funded for three years (2014-2016) by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). A 26 members’ Consortium has been set up, extending across 30 countries in the European Research Area.

This project aims to develop a Toolkit to help in the implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe. Collaborating with all stakeholders, it will help create a Community of Practice in Europe, which will ensure the use, evolution and enrichment of the Toolkit. In order to build this Community of Practice, the Consortium relies on 19 national centres, the RRI Hubs, responsible for opening participation to the maximum number of institutions and individuals in the field.The project is divided into three phases and is based on a permanent dialogue with all the stakeholders.

Join the ocnversation on Twitter @RRITools or on our Facebook page.   

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Project duration: 01 Jan 2014 to 30 Dec 2016
Project funded by FP7
Project type: International Project
Eligible countries: All Countries
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Margaret Mulligan

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