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EBN | A New Model for Biotechnological Radiopharmaceuticals Innovation
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A New Model for Biotechnological Radiopharmaceuticals Innovation

BeForPharma S.r.l. is an innovative Italian company specializing in the radio-pharmaceutical field.  It was created in 2014 by Roberto La Forgia, the CEO,  who graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bari, and has over 9 years of experience in the radiopharmaceutical field. He has worked as Project Manager for King Hamad University Hospital, GMP Radiopharmaceutical expert for IAEA, Qualified person and Site manager in Radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.  

BeForPharma team consists of specialists with proven skills in Project Management, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Production and Validation. The objective of the company is to contribute to the strengthening of the Radiopharmaceutical field, supporting Customers in reaching high quality standards compliant with cGMP (current good manufacturing processes).

In this dynamic and growing industry, more and more public and private structures require the advice of industry experts to guide their investment in R&D and to improve the production of radiopharmaceuticals for use in accordance with established standards of quality.

The innovation of the company lies in the modality of services supply: once the customer has reached the adequate quality standard through the services supplied by BeForPharma, he becomes partner of a network where scientific, technological and economic resources are shared for the achievement of common R&D objectives. BeforPharma acts as the hub of the network.

BeForPharma validates the radiopharmaceutical production, working with customers all over the world. For a period of just one year, the company was involved in several big projects. In addition to that, it has also performed GMP services in Kuwait, Russia, Romania and Italy.

Major achievements

  • BFP has completed the validation of the King Hamad University Hospital Cyclotron Department, Bahrain in period of 2 and a half months. The production of 18F-FDG was validated according to Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. This provided the hospital an important tool to improve cancer diagnosis in Bahrain, ensuring the quality of the radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Clinical imaging research center in Singapore relied on BFP for GMP validation support of the 11C-PIB production line. The performed protocols have guaranteed the safety of this important tracer, used in investigational studies for Alzheimer disease.
  • Currently, the company is working with the Razavi Hospital in Iran for the quality system construction and validation of a GMP compliant radiopharmaceutical facility. The completion of this project will ensure the safe production of 18F-FDG, 68Ga-DOTATOC, used in neuroendocrine tumor diagnosis and 68Ga-PSMA for prostate cancer diagnosis.

BeForPharma continues to develop a worldwide network of partners and to improve the quality of cancer diagnosis.

The company is being supported by Puglia Sviluppo,  business incubation services and facilities provider in the region of Apulia, especially as regards information about aids for “start up innovativa” (national measure) and for financial instruments supporting  company growth.

Contact details :
Tel. +39 080 3381540 - info@beforpharma - www.beforpharma.com

Associated member: Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A.
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