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Working with Local Hospitals to Improve Responsible Healthcare Ecosystems



Business Support Organisation (BSO): CyRIC, certified EU|BIC and Digital Innovation Hub
Country and regions: Republic of Cyprus
Sector: Health, Government, Economic and social development 
Target groups: Institutional, healthcare industry and service providers, entrepreneurial actors and citizens focusing on ’’Better Personal Health and Ambient Assisted Living ‘’
Project: CHERRIES | Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship funded by EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 872873. This document reflects only the author’s view and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

Project timeline2020-2022


Read a summary of CyRIC's contribution to CHERRIES here below. To read the full story see here.








EU|BIC contribution    

The consortium counts two participating EU|BICs, CyRIC (Cyprus) and CEEIM (Murcia region, Spain) and involves a broad role for EBN in project management and knowledge dissemination.

In Cyprus, the main territorial support actors of the business and innovation ecosystem are the privately-owned R&D centre CyRIC and its incubator Gravity Ventures. Cyprus Research and Innovation Center is a pioneering company with the strategic aim to become an important regional Innovation Center developing novel products for the world markets. Using continuously upgraded infrastructure and the scientific know-how of highly educated researchers and professional engineers, CyRIC also designs and executes Applied Research Projects for the development of Innovative Solutions.

CyRIC leads the CHERRIES work package which aims to establish the territorial experimentation process, prepare the stakeholder system for the RRI based demand articulation, experimentation and to the co-creation process. The objectives are:

  • Create an RRI toolbox covering organisational and institutional aspects of implementing RRI in the healthcare context
  • Establish the knowledge base for the territorial experiments
  • Train multipliers and key stakeholders in facilitating bottom up RRI and need articulation processes
  • Finalise the experiment design based on territorial preconditions and stakeholder landscape and publish a call for needs

The CHERRIES experiments guided by CyRIC address opportunities and challenges associated with the role of demand at the crossroads of challenge-oriented, economy-enhancing, and sector-specific policy making within the healthcare sector, thereby addressing the SGC of health, demographic change and wellbeing. It ensures bottom-up involvement of all kind of citizens, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background. With CyRICs deeply rooted connection in the regional society, bringing together research, innovation, business and industry organisations utilising state of the art infrastructure, it is a role that well fits the Cypriot EU|BIC.

Notably, CyRIC’s function as coordinator of the Cyprus Digital Innovation Hub (CyDi-Hub) puts them as consortium partner in the ideal position for offering cutting-edge digital technology innovations and services to the manufacturing and health industry - bringing the fourth digital revolution in Cyprus.

The local industry partner collaborating with CyRIC in the healthcare ecosystem for CHERRIES is Aretaeio Hospital (AIK). AIK is a leading Private Hospital in Cyprus and a Medical Center of Excellence in the wider region. As the local Cypriot actor, it hosts the territorial experimentation, stakeholder’s engagement, and contributes to the co-creation of the solutions in Cyprus. Moreover, it engages in CHERRIES mapping exercise, provide evidence-base and stakeholder support for future regional development strategies (new S3).


Continue reading the full story here.

Published on 17-07-2020 00:00 by Bram Pauwels. 1336 page views

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