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A doctor in your pocket – Viviana Peretto tells you how

Did you know that in France 5 million people have problems of accessing healthcare? Viviana Peretto, President and Founder of Avis2Santé tells the story of her startup based in the south France that is providing better access to healthcare and fighting with territorial and social isolation of elderly people through telemedicine.

Back in 2016, Viviana realised that around her millions of people had difficulties in accessing healthcare, regardless the territorial or social origin. “With 15 years' experience in health organisations and a M2 in 'Law, economics and management of health care institutions' in my pocket, I decided to create Avis2sante”, explains Viviana.

Specialised in the Digital Hospital and passionate about health systems, Viviana decided to put her skills, experience and know-how to work for an innovative company capable of meeting a major challenge of our time: improving access to care for everybody, especially for elderly people, and making health systems more efficient.

Great, Viviana had a brilliant and innovative idea. However, how to make a brilliant idea work? She started looking into the internet to find ways to create a startup and she found out that EU|BIC Toulon var Technology (TVT) was the place to go to ask all my questions. The staff of the EU|BIC was ready to support Viviana’s idea offering the incubation services via the stimulation and validation of the innovative idea. Viviana confirms that the staff at TVT helped her to “gain self-confidence, come out of my isolation and questioning my idea and found a way to make it a reality”.

Two years since the creation of Avis2Santé, this year thanks to the support of TVT and Retis (the French association for BICs) discovered the platform where the work among different players make the European Social Ecosystem vibrant and collaborative. Where a challenge is transformed into a new business opportunity. They were selected to receive the grant (€30K) for providing a solution for the challenge on reconnecting generations.

Viviana confirms that “2018 was a great year. We had many rewards. After the social challenges prize, we were selected among the 100 most innovative companies for the French mission in Japan. Finally, we won the Top Trophy of the Economy 2018 of our department, the Var! The team is growing, we have grown from 1 to 5 people in a few months”.

Viviana highly recommends contacting the EU|BIC of your region to get the right services to get support in creating a startup. TVT Innovation, member of EBN since  March 2003 (receiving the accreditation just few months later), was proofed to be right place to go and ask all the question a young entrepreneur like Viviana have in the inception phase of her startup. TVT innovation is a very active member in the innovation ecosystem, supporting entrepreneurs in the Var region, Patrick Valverde, the CEO, currently being the president of EBN and joining forces in the organisation of the next EBN TechCamp and the Murex Festival.

Do you have a brilliant and innovative idea like Viviana, and you need some help? Have a look at the list of our EU|BICs and get in contact with them.

Associated member: Toulon Var Technologies
Published on 07-03-2019 00:00 by Marta Gomez Andres. 2171 page views

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