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Theofilos Papasternos
Name Theofilos Papasternos
Organisation  Compellio
Job title Business Project Manager

Sector expertise:

Theofilos is a business economist with a passion for supporting and empowering entrepreneurial spirits across Europe. His experience in developing and managing business incubators has allowed him to generate a multi-disciplinary approach regarding entrepreneurial training and business modeling optimization.

An enthusiastic mentor and organizer of startup events, Theofilos is constantly exploring new innovative ways to accelerate early-stage growth and leverage validated learning while maintaining a keen eye for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly in the areas of sustainable and circular economy.

He holds a MSc in Business and Economics from the University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and contributed as a scientific associate to the organization of the European Maritime Day 2015 at the Municipality of Piraeus, Greece.

Theofilos works for Compellio



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