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Name Jorge Reyes
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Jorge Reyes is a public policy analyst and business consultant with broad experience both in government and business process development. Mr. Reyes has an in-depth knowledge of public policy issues, as well as a hand-on, practical understanding of the role of regulations in shaping the institutional framework and the business environment of any given country. Throughout his career both as a government official and as a consultant, Mr. Reyes has worked with federal, state and local government agencies implementing and assessing the performance of public policy initiatives aimed at promoting trade and economic development. Most recently, he started assisting startups and early stage companies advising the on how to build a strong business foundation. His primary areas of expertise are strategic planning and process development, business model design and performance based evaluation as vehicles for building strong and sustainable organizations. His goal is to promote collaboration between the governmental, private and social sectors to foster innovation and generate systemic and scalable social change. Mr. Reyes graduated from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and currently works as an independent consultant for The Ergo Group.




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