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Bettina Vossberg
Name Bettina Vossberg
Organisation  HighTech Startbahn GmbH
Job title CEO

Sector expertise:

Bettina Voßberg, CEO of the HighTech Startbahn (HTSB) GmbH, founded the same named initiative in 2009 and is the Chairwoman of the nonprofit start-up association HighTech Startbahn Netzwerk e.V.. HTSB is dedicated to open innovation as well as portfolio and company building of young high-tech companies, particularly in Eastern Germany. Bettina has a track record of more than 25 years in managing international companies (especially in ICT) - as entrepreneur as well as financier. Working with start-ups, her focus is on strategic corporate and business development, financing and human resource development. Additionally, she is a member of the management team of the Twenty20 research consortium fast (fast actuators sensors and transceivers) that aims for technological and market leadership for realtime systems and applications. Regularly Bettina leads various BMBF funded and transfer related research projects. Currently she is managing the technology transfer project “ECO” at the TU Dresden where researchers, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (abbreviated BMBF), analyze the success factors of regional technology transfer ecosystems.

In the early nineties she worked for DaimlerBenz Group/debitel GmbH and Deutsche Telekom AG as Director Business Development in Europe and Asia. Later on she was Managing Director of the ABC Group of Companies in Malta. There she co-founded the iWorld Group of Companies and was its Executive Director. Before joining the TU Dresden she worked for the (M)FORMA Group Inc. (now: Hands-on Mobile) as Interim Manager and as Senior Strategy/Operations Consultant for Bettina holds a polytechnic degree from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration, is a certified Business Coach and Negotiation Facilitator.

Bettina works for HighTech Startbahn GmbH
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