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Radek Novotny
Name Radek Novotny
Organisation  Not set
Job title self-entrepreneur

Sector expertise:

My name is Radek Novotný, I have PhD degree in „Wood Structure and Properties“ at the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia.

Already for 10 years I am dealing with Digital Storytelling. I created hundreds of Digital Story for several Museums and for 5 years I am focusing more on interpretation and presentation of Innovation, patents or just Business Ideas.

I am lecturing several seminars about Digital Storytelling and pitching (

I use pitching method of Oren Klaff S.T.R.O.N.G. (

For design of storyboard to interpret technology processes, patents, Business Ideas I am using also 3D visualization (CINEMA4D).

I figured out that for design of compelling pitch with engaged Digital Story, it is necessary, so that my clients have good Business Idea. Therefore I developed in 2011 my new program “Promyšlené podnikání” (it is mixture of more methods: Design Thinking for Business Innovation,  CANVAS, Developing Innovative Ideas, Business Strategy etc.).

For it, I completed several Coursera courses dealing with this approach.

  • Greek and Roman Mythology,
  • Gamification
  • E-learning and Digital Cultures,
  • Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step to Entrepreneurship
  • Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative
  • Foundations of Business Strategy
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Change
  • Design Thinking for Business Innovation
  • Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing
  • What's Your Big Idea?
  • Powerful Tools for teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling
  • Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace

I am mentoring Digital Storytelling, pitching and Design Thinking for Business Idea Innovation (Promyšlené podnikání) (see,

In my carrier I was mentoring startup R2S, s.r.o. and managed the Development of “Multimedia Internet R&D auction (MIREDA).

(More detail you can see on

This year I am mentoring startup dealing with social Innovation “PracticeTree” focusing on Organization of Practical Trainings of school-leavers.

(More details you can see on

There are many videos about production of Digital Stories, pitching and Design Thinking for Business Innovation (“Promyšlené podnikání”) on my web portal (, but only in Czech language.

There is also on-line tool for mentoring of all these methods and approaches.

I was member of Interreg projects (Rapide and Innofun) as a senior expert.

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