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Declan Clarke
Name Declan Clarke
Organisation  Inagh Valley Trust
Job title Director, Co-Founder

Sector expertise:

Declan Clarke

Entrepreneur       Innovator       Writer  

Entrepreneur.  Declan is Co-Founder and Director of the Inagh Valley Trust.  Inagh's principal activity is developing  the hatchery of ideas, bringing a cluster of globally trading companies from concept to reality.  

He specialises in commercialising start-ups

 Connemara Food Venrures,  are a bio-active food ingredients company and their recently launched NORI Bake Pro is proving to be true innovation for the baking sector, delivering functional ingredients to staple foods such as bread.  Their smRt bar has been widely adopted by the professional sports community as an essetntial component of training and recovery, celebrating the daily dose of essential nutrients and vitamins in a sugar free food. 

Innovator.  Innovation is central to Declan's work.  In building stable commercial platforms within the ventures he seeks to add value through pro-active engagement with the research community.  For example, KoralSea cultivate tropical marine reef species for the home aquarium market, bringing relief to the endnagered tropical reefs.  this capability of responsibly cultivating hard and soft tropical corals has lead to the use of the corals for long fracture bone repair. 

He is part of the ION Connect team developing the PSS model to deliver enhanced web-based care for patients with Type 1 diabates. 


Declan is an Irish writer of adventure tales. His YA style is fast paced and action packed, and he loves a good fight!  He lives in Galway with his wife Jane and their sons, Jack & Liam.  And oh... their two snakes Ra and Zia. 

He co-wrote 'Max  Stone and the Lost Star of Zirdon' with his youngest son Liam.  He has just completed ‘Shadows of the Second Sun’, & actively looking for an editor.

 He is currently working with  Kieran Ryan (Merryman), on completing 'Vinnie the Mole and the Baby Dragon'  Other live projects include the Graphic Novel, 'Kane', being designed by Melbourne based graphic Designer Ellen McCaffrey. Two years ago he e-published ‘Willou Mac Wiggle and the Dive-Dive Birds’, illustrated by Rebecca Kane, on iTunes.

He is working on his first animated series with the award winning Film director Liza bolton of Room12 Productions 

Declan works for Inagh Valley Trust


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