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Pim de Bokx
Name Pim de Bokx
Organisation  Dutch Incubators & Accelerators
Job title Chairman

Sector expertise:

Pim de Bokx - Business Incubator Developer, Consultant Economic Development, Developer/Trainer Entrepreneurship training

Pim is enthusiastically involved in development and entrepreneurship issues since long time and is dedicated to promoting and supporting know-how intense entrepreneurship wherever and whenever he can. Pim is an entrepreneur since he was 21 and still studying Landscape architecture.

He has had five companies before founding BViT and when he operated his third company, on company restructuring, he studied Business Science in Rotterdam. Pim promotes entrepreneurship in general as an opportunity to develop ones full potential and promotes incubation of knowledge driven enterprises in specific areas as a means to develop un-utilized economic opportunities.

In 1999 founded BViT innovation network is a group of companies dedicated to enhance innovation and the creation of new enterprises. The main branch invests and operates university connected third generation incubators called “network enabled Cluster incubators” where ‘clever cooperation’ is the primary management philosophy. BViT innovation network operates the only private incubator in The Netherlands which survived the economic recession in 2001.

In 2006 this incubator formula was announced the ‘Best Science Based Incubator of Europe’. Huygens-XC is the knowledge centre of the BViT network. It initiates new programmes and projects, influences policy makers and partners with stakeholders to help develop a competitive entrepreneurial economy. Huygens-XC was involved in new legislation of the Dutch government on entrepreneurship in Higher Education, and delivered a management development programme for Business Incubator managers for the European Commission. For the European Space Agency, Huygens-XC developed the ESA BIC Noordwijk for high-tech entrepreneurs.

In 2011 Pim received the International Business Incubation Champion Award from UKBI. Currently Huygens-XC is working on developing the Innovation Engine for Airport Garden City Lelystad-Almere, development of the PioneerzPlatform and the Netherlands-Taiwan internationalization programme.

Elektronicaweg 14a
2628 XG
Phone +31 88 28 48 605

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