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Rob Pickering
Name Rob Pickering
Organisation  ActionCOACH OxonBerks
Job title Business Coach: Business Advice • Training • GrowthAcceler

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If you’re the owner or senior leader in your company, what are the key issues and opportunities that an outsider might see, which you can’t? As a Business Coach I can help you identify the barriers and the opportunities that will help you grow your business more rapidly than you would on your own.

It’s not about telling you how to run your business. And it’s not about telling you what you should achieve. We start by helping you identify what you do and don’t want - and that can be harder than you’d imagine. In fact it’s one of those things that most business owners never actually fix upon, often claiming it’s not possible because things change too fast or it’s important to be opportunistic. Sure, but it’s also important to have a clear direction. When did anyone successfully “lead” without having a clear and motivating destination?

Once a destination is clear, or even while it’s becoming clear, we can look at the areas of opportunity inside and outside the business. We can also look at the things that are stopping or slowing process. For example:

* How many good sales leads is your marketing generating?
* How many leads are you able to convert to sales?
* What do your customers think of you?
* How effectively are your staff operating?
* What single action if you took it today would double your profit next year?

My job is to ask you the right questions - often difficult ones - that will make a difference when you find the answer and put it into action.

For coaching to work you need to be ready to feel challenged and move outside your comfort zone. You have to want to get better results for your customers, your team, and yourself. And I recommend that you also want to enjoy every day, not just the end result!

If I’m describing you and your business, contact me for a conversation. There’s never a day when this will be urgent, you have to make it urgent for yourself, so I recommend taking action today.

Rob works for ActionCOACH OxonBerks


United Kingdom
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