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Uli Hab
Name Uli Hab
Organisation  yndeo
Job title Director / Business Coach / Executive Consultant

Sector expertise:

As a marketing specialist and entrepreneur with about twenty years of experience, ten of which I spent in leadership positions I was able to gain a lot of experience, expecially in marketing strategy. My current focus is on IoT, innovative web applications and  technology innovations in general in an international context.

I´ve built my career in a variety of roles, industries and countries, more than twenty times as co-/founder and general manager as well as an employed marketing director and member of the team of directors at one of the leading German media groups.

As a Business Coach and expert for the European Commission / European Innovation Council EIC, I love to support innovation and growth and most of all to invest in people. Over the years I had the opportunity to be involved in the incubation of several newly founded companies, as well as being part of the executive board of some fast growing companies. It is great to share my talents and learn every day from others, and its great to see the companies I´m involved with thriving and prospering.

After working two years as director of strategic marketing at the innovation agency of the State Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bavaria, my current occupation is as a Business Coach and Executive Consultant for SMEs and Startups in Tech, Deep Tech, as well as Public Organisations in Goverment and Municipalities.

Uli works for yndeo
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