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Luigi Agostini
Name Luigi Agostini
Organisation  IOSENTO
Job title

Sector expertise:

Luigi Agostini is involved in research and development in the field of professional multi-channel audio since over twenty years. Among the hardware and software he designed and marketed we find X-spat boX, Spatialisation X-series card for Apogee Rosetta 800, X-spat player, See'n'Sound for Maya, used by Pixar and Skysound California, Xite- 3D for Sonic-core Scope and, recently, the 3D Audiostation with Seelake. Musician, composer and author, his essay "Creating Soundscapes" of 2009 is continually bought all over the world while being devoid of a standard editor (self). Owner of many patents, copyrights and industrial rights, currently he involved in immersive soundscapes, artificial sensitivity and interactive musical composition, and he continues to offer innovative software installations and multi channel hardware with its technology called 3D Virtual Audio Reality.?



Luigi works for IOSENTO
via Cairoli 30

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