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Flavio Escribano
Name Flavio Escribano
Organisation (Fundación Iberoamericana del Conocimiento)
Job title Research Team Leader

Sector expertise:

Flavio is Phd by Universidad Complutense de Madrid and BSc in Fine Art, with the thesis “El Videojuego como Herramienta para la Pedagogía Artística. Innovación y Creatividad”. Flavio founded ARSGAMES, a collective research group whose focus is on Games Studies and Game Art research and has participated as Project Manager in gamification and serious games for the Organización Iberoamericana de Juventud, DIAGEO (campaigns for J&B and Johnnie Walker from 2006 to 2009) and Warner Music (2009). Until 2011 Flavio coordinated, Spanish Education Ministry’s blog about Education & Videogames. He is also a collaborator of the Research Group on Technology, Arts and Communication of the Andalusia Research Program (PAIDI-HUM868). He is currently professor and invited speaker in different University Masters’ degrees, Seminars and Workshops (European University of Madrid, Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Universidad Complutense de Madrid…).

His research interests span videogames, education and training, social inclusion, art and creativity. He collaborates with numerous institutions and research labs: IPTS-JRC of European Commision, AMAZE and DIGAREC (Berlin), Instituto Cervantes (Spain), MediaLab-Prado (Madrid), Intermediae-Matadero (Madrid), Zemos98 (Seville).

Ultra-player of any complex turn-based growing and civilized game even though he recognizes has found beauty in minimalist indie games as Hundreds, Edge, FTL … or in the strange gameplay and soundtrack of Sword & Sworcery.

Aragó 336
Phone 93 666 78 29

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