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Joris Straatman
Name Joris Straatman
Organisation  do nxt
Job title CEO

Sector expertise:

During his studies Joris started his first start-up projects with friends and fellow students. After receiving his degree in Artificial Intelligence and working for a few large enterprises for a few years, he quickly understood that building, and helping others build start-ups was where he could really thrive.

After building and helping build a number of startups, he came in contact with the sharing economy and the idea of micro-markets or private entrepreneurs through ‘sharoo’, a collaborative sharing project he lead as CTO during his time with m-way. He learned about the power of social networks and the potential of crowdfunding. After sharoo Joris decided to start the company 1ofa100, offering an online marketplace for designers and artists. With the team he gathered there, the knowledge and insights they learned the idea of do nxt was formed.


Experiences: CEO and Founder, Co-Founder Tulip Furniture B.V. (franchisee of online shops of which, CTO m-way / sharoo A.G., Director web & operations Phonak Sounds A.G., CEO & Co-Founder Sycle International A.G.

Topics: General Management, Engineering (HW/SW/Web), Service Management, Start-up experience

Joris works for do nxt
RĂ¼tistrasse 16
Phone 0798290563

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