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Isabelle de Montagu
Name Isabelle de Montagu
Organisation  Isabelle de Montagu
Job title Consultant, Entrepreneur

Sector expertise:


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Founder of leading-edge technology marketing and consulting firms, Isabelle has more than 15 years experience in business development strategies of emerging high tech companies establishing global presence, bridging R&D, IP, cultural, information and market gaps.

Her in-depth understanding of the European and U.S. markets best serves the specific needs of these high tech companies facing the challenges of working in the global environment while maintaining their cultural identity.

With an extensive global network of government, universities and business relationships. Sectors include information technology, defense, urban planning, 3D Engineering. and security for B2B and B2C applications.

G4Global Series Seminars
Developed a series of seminars and workshops to prepare entrepreneurs and start-up companies to position themselves on the global market targeting individuals, incubators, business accelerator programs and companies.

Isabelle works for Isabelle de Montagu


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