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Mahmoud abdelwahed khalaf
Name Mahmoud abdelwahed khalaf
Organisation  Space mac LLC
Job title CEO

Sector expertise:






2004 - 2009

Bachelor University
Bachelor of Commerce In Assiut University Assessment of 63.3% 




Master of Computer Science

In the Department of Information Systems  on Woodfield University



PhD  in Computer Science

In software engineering, communications and artificial intelligence

on Woodfield University



Diploma test of Computer Science

In Walden University Diploma of Rehabilitation PhD .



Research-Honorary PhD‎

Provide project innovation SPACE MAC of the University and provide technology re-use of nuclear energy in the waste management machines and artificial intelligence systems for computers and the human brain stanford University 




2010 - 2011

MCITP Course


2009- 2010

Management Diplomas

In Assiut


2008 - 2008

Preparation of feasibility study and Communication Skills
Assiut Businessmen Association In Assiut University


2007 - 2007

Accounting Banks
In Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit


2007 - 2007

C#- Advanced –ASP.NET
In Assiut University


2007 - 2007

International Computer Driving License
In Vergitec company



IT Essentials

In cisco academy by trainer 










CCNA Cisco ( Teacher in Netcad system )


CMMI®     Secc Center

( Introduction to CMMI® for Development - Introduction to CMMI® for Services - Services Supplement for CMMI® for Development) 

Agile-CMMI®     Secc Center

(implementing them together - Configuration Management - Continuous Integration - Introduction to Agile Software Development - Test Driven Development & Self-Testing Code )





1- Preparation of feasibility study

A feasibility study for the project from the technical aspects, marketing, financial and other aspects and determine the budget and the annual project budget and identify sources of funding for the project ......... etc


2- Dealing with accounting software

As (Quicken box - Access – Excel – opera hotel) In the application of accounting


3- programming languages

Langages Java, C#, - MVC Frameworks 4

Web Services JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JAXB, 

Frameworks JSF 1.x & 2.x with(Primefaces & Icefaces), Struts , Hibernate, EJB 3.x

Content Management EMC Documentum

IDE Eclipse, Netbeans, Oracle J Developer,

Database(S) Oracle9i, 10g, My SQL, Sybase, MS SQL Server 2008, MongoDB

Database Interface JDBC, JPA, ADO.Net 4

Webserver Tomcat, JBOSS, Glass Fish, WebLogic

Web Technology JSP, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS,     JavaScript, AJAX,Jquery 

Version control systems Tortoise SVN


4- Skilful databases

Using (Microsoft Access - Microsoft SQL Server – Oracle DB - mysql- Sybase)


5- Build and protect Cloud Computing networks

Build data center big contain server and OS Linux or Windows and using Virtual machine (VMware) and network cisco in center and management security data center and internal Network as networks ( Microsoft Server 2008

ATM Network Banks  - Linux Centos  – Asterisk - Elastix Administrator Unix )


6- Design and develop Web sites

Design web sites in  HTML - PSD - CSS - Jquery - Dreamweaver 


7- Training on Computer Science and Business Administration

Teaching and giving courses on the science of computers and software and a license to the International Office in the computer and the principles of business

 management and financial accounting



 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (There are certificates of all the experiences mentioned)


01/2000 to 10/2013

Personal - Design software accounting and administrative - Internet Solutions - Management systems
1-Design 36 programs and 19 accounting management programs
2-Web develop and manage the servers technical support


07/2009 to 06/2010

Work and training to banking

Work in the teller and loans and ATM networks train



10/2009 to 09/2010

Information Technology Association - Systems Analyst
1-Design and Development of the center's programs
2-Databases management center
3-Management Information system center
4-Integrated web Solutions center


11/2009 to 10/2010

Training on Computer Science and programming languages

Training on the ICDL for Computer

Training on Cisco networks

Training on the language of Visual Basic 6 and databases SQL SERVER 2005


02/2009 to 03/2010

Work in a factory

Work in a factory processing and packaging of detergents Safa industrial city of Assiut


08/2009 to 10/2011

Accountability Office - Accountant
Accounting, tax, insurance and audit work and the feasibility study




2-2007 to 10-2013

IT Manager

In asba ( assiut businessman association ) System loans


01/2010 to 10/2011

Training on Computer Science and programming languages

Training on the language C# and the design and development of web pages by

Training on oracle Jdeveloper11 (ADF)

Training on oracle Database Xe

Training to prepare pages Jsp


Now work

CEO Space Mac LLC 






System SPACE MAC Contain ( Operating System Customization – Application System–DB Sybase - Cloud Servers – Machine By Microcontroller )





English fluent        French correct      Spanish   good




Hobbies :- Design and implementation of integrated business - learn





Mahmoud abdelwahed works for Space mac LLC
149 altairan S.T-build 2 office 14 nasser city
149 altairan S.T-build 2 office 14 nasser city
nasser city
Phone 0882491936

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